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Can You Get Braces with Periodontal Disease? Navigating Orthodontic Treatment and Gum Health


Orthodontic treatments, particularly braces, are a common route to achieving a perfect smile. However, for those with periodontal disease, the question arises: “Can you get braces with periodontal disease?” Understanding the relationship between orthodontic procedures and gum health is crucial for anyone considering braces amidst concerns about periodontal disease.

Understanding Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, encompassing conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis, affects the gums and surrounding tissues and can lead to tooth loss if untreated. Caused by plaque buildup, it’s characterized by symptoms like swollen, bleeding gums, and in severe cases, tooth mobility. Managing these symptoms is vital before undertaking any orthodontic work.

Braces and Oral Health

Braces, used to correct misaligned teeth, can impact oral health. They require meticulous oral hygiene, as brackets and wires can trap food particles, increasing the risk of plaque buildup. For someone with periodontal disease, this necessitates even greater care.

The Relationship Between Braces and Periodontal Disease

Getting braces with active periodontal disease can be challenging. The disease can weaken the supporting structures of the teeth, making them less stable and potentially complicating orthodontic treatment. Therefore, addressing any gum disease before getting braces is essential.

Pre-Treatment Assessments and Considerations

Before getting braces, a thorough dental assessment is crucial. This includes evaluating the health of gums and bones supporting the teeth. Dentists often work closely with periodontists to ensure that periodontal disease is well-managed or resolved before starting orthodontic treatment.

Managing Periodontal Disease Before and During Orthodontic Treatment

Effective management of periodontal disease is key to successful orthodontic treatment. This includes regular professional cleanings, improved home care routines, and possibly targeted periodontal treatments. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is also crucial to prevent exacerbation of periodontal issues.

Alternatives to Traditional Braces for Those with Periodontal Disease

For those with periodontal concerns, alternatives to traditional braces might be considered. Options like clear aligners can be more manageable in terms of oral hygiene maintenance and might be suitable for some patients with a history of periodontal disease.


While having periodontal disease does not automatically disqualify you from getting braces, it does require careful consideration and management. Consulting with dental professionals is crucial to ensure that your gum health is optimized before and during orthodontic treatment. With the right approach and diligent care, achieving a healthier, straighter smile is still within reach, even for those managing periodontal disease.

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