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Microsoft publishes driver updates from time to time via the Windows Update client. Device manufacturers send these updates to the company, who in turn verifies them. As a result, the drivers you download through this channel are almost always stable and don’t have problems. More information on how to update Windows graphics card drivers can be found on the Microsoft support website.

They may be letting you know your graphics settings aren’t optimized, or they may be letting you know there’s an update you need. Reboot your computer port-devices drivers to complete the installation process. Look at the “Operating System” entry to see if you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

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Graphics drivers are an integral part of how your computer’s display shows you things. Because these drivers have such a noticeable function, some users might wonder if they could cause problems for their systems if they uninstall them. In addition, some files that govern drivers can be quite large.

For years, Nvidia has been a leader in the field of computer graphics. Many of the most powerful computers on the market use Nvidia graphics cards. There are a couple of ways to check on whether the driver you have is the latest or not. One way is to use Windows Update, although keep reading to see why this is not recommended. On Windows 7 this can be done by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Screen Resolution, then Advanced Settings, then Properties on the Adapter tab, then Driver tab, Update Driver.

  • As all companies and drivers are unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula to reducing driver turnover.
  • Windows 11 is the most anticipated Windows ever, this window comes with new modern features that make Windows 11 super interesting.
  • Even though you can uninstall Driver manually but as a GPU enthusiast myself, I recommend you always use the official cleanup utility.

Writing is not her passion but the only thing that carries satisfaction in life. If not writing, you may find her engrossed playing action games on her treasured smartphone. To start with, launch Control Panel on your Windows 10 device. The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Express Installation is a good choice for most people, provided that storage space isn’t at a premium on your computer. But if you go with the Custom option, you can always reinstall optional features later, so there’s no real downside there, either.

I’ve rarely had any luck with Windows Updates, mostly because it never seems to know what to look for until there’s at least one good driver installed other than “standard vga”. If installing the default driver doesn’t fix anything, we can try updating the driver manually after downloading the latest one from the manufacturer’s website. You should only download the driver specific to your hardware and make sure you are downloading the latest one.


Improving driver health benefits your team by keeping drivers out of the doctor’s office. It can also benefit perceptions of the industry as a whole. Another way to offer competitive pay is to provide a health insurance package or a retirement package. The more you can ease financial burdens for your drivers, the more inclined they may be to stay. Regardless of the specific number, driver turnover is expensive for every trucking company.

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Dedicated Account | Home WeekendsDedicated Account | Home Weekends Join a growing fleet with a dedicated account and no weekends at Custom Container Solutions. Regional Monday through Friday truck driving jobs with great pay and benefits for experienced class-A CDL drivers at Custom Container Solutions. Gray Transportation, an Iowa trucking company, is now hiring experienced class A CDL drivers for regional and OTR driving jobs. It’s not always easy to find local truck drivers for your business. With a smaller pool of qualified candidates, you may feel like you don’t have many options.