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Adolescent Dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Care for children and teenagers

Around ages six to eight, your child should have a mix of permanent and primary teeth. It is around this age that it becomes possible to see how your child’s adult teeth will fully develop. Maintaining regular dental exams in adolescence is critical for their dental health as kids become adults.

Some of the most common types of dental ailments your child will experience after the age of six are gaps in between teeth, overbites, and underbites that are caused by permanent teeth developing at angles that push on other teeth and misalign the jaw.

These conditions can also create secondary side effects of poor self-image and self-esteem issues. But the best news is that all of these conditions are completely treatable and may only require temporary solutions.

If your child is afraid to smile because of misaligned teeth or is experiencing pain as a result of tooth decay, it’s time to make an appointment Eastfield Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics today!

Complete braces options for your child

Most children don’t relish the possibility of getting braces, but it is a possibility if they have gaps and misaligned teeth. Braces are typically used once all of the primary teeth have been shed and used to correct the spacing of the teeth. Traditional wire braces are the most effective at correcting complex orthodontic conditions.

Wireframe braces typically are attached to brackets that sit on your child’s teeth. They apply pressure to the tooth and help it grow into its proper place.

Go invisible with Invisalign

Traditional braces may not be your child’s first choice as they are worried about how the braces will affect their appearance. While wire metal braces might be a necessity given the severity of their dental condition, they are not always required.

Invisalign braces are clear retainers that can fit snugly into place over your child’s teeth and help them grow into place. Many teenagers prefer this option as it is less detectable and makes less of an impact on their appearance.

Our dentists can discover what is necessary to help your child’s teeth grow into place. Schedule their next appointment today by calling 704.875.9075.

Safe Wisdom teeth removal

As your teen ages, they will begin developing their wisdom teeth. Due to a shortening in the human jawline, more people experience issues with their wisdom teeth. In some cases, the wisdom teeth may not fully cut through the jawline and become abscessed. This can lead to pain while chewing, and the potential for bacterial infection.

In other times, the wisdom teeth can grow at angles that push other teeth out of alignment and cause pain and discomfort.

Not all wisdom teeth may need to be removed, but if your teenager requires the removal of one or more wisdom teeth. Our dentists can help.

If oral surgery is required Eastfield Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has a variety of painless office sedation methods to make your visit comfortable and relatively pain-free. If your child is complaining about dental pain even when they aren’t eating, impacted wisdom teeth can be to blame. Schedule an appointment and let us stop pain in its tracks.

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